Register for the event! “How HowStuffWorks….Works” Podcasting (both audio and video) have become one of the fastest growing mediums for content creators. Brands and subject matter experts alike are entering the world of podcasting as a means of sharing content and expanding their audience. HowStuffWorks got its start in 1998 […]

“How HowStuffWorks….Works” All about Podcasting, Content, and more.

BY: SARAH BETH NELIUS – Guest Post by @VERTSPEAKS   Snapchat is a platform adored by teens, feared by adults, and now targeted by brands. On April 21 a handful of the city’s brightest digital marketers gathered to discuss how to tackle Snapchat from a marketer’s perspective during a Social Media […]

Talking Snapchat with Social Media Club Atlanta and Vert

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We have a great Q2 lineup for Coffee and Content – hope you can attend them all! April 21st – Snapchat from a Marketer’s Perspecive led by Evan Conners – Digital Brand Strategist @ Vert Register Here May 19th – Video: the future of Social Content led by Kevin Planovsky and Lauren Zarzour […]

Check out the lineup of Q2 Coffee and Content mornings at Vert!

Social Media Club has partnered with the leading digital conference in the South… and there are 2 ways you can attend:  1) Enter our contest for a free All Access Badge, and 2) Register with promo code Digsmcatl to save $200 on your all access badge. a Rafflecopter giveaway Click the […]

Win an All Access Badge to DigSouth April 26-28 in Charleston!

6:30PM March 8th – REGISTRATION How do you connect with Influencers, Fans, and Brand Advocates on Social Media? What defines an influencer for your brand? How do you find the right people? How do you build relationships? Should you target high profile influencers, or everyday people? Who has the real power? […]

Influencers, Fans, and Brand Advocate Case Studies – Coca-Cola and more…

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Please join us for a social gathering (in real life) to discuss current trends relevant to our industry. This month. our pre-selected topic of conversation is “Social Media and Millennials.”  Millennials are the consumer target that many marketers are trying to reach, but getting them to notice a brand, much […]

Feb 25th 8am – Social Media and Millennials at Coffee and Content

Please join us each month for a social gathering (in real life) to discuss current trends relevant to our industry. This month. our pre-selected topic of conversation is “Social on a Budget.”  Of course – that’s just to kick off the conversation…..we can, and do, wind up talking about a […]

Jan 28th 8:00 am- Social on a Budget at Nebo Agency

Be Cool. Help us out in 2016. Dec. 14th, 6:30 pm.   Want to be one of the cool kids? Social Media Club Atlanta Planning Meeting. Email for details. Actually, yes. Yes you do. All it takes is an email. Email    

Call for Cool. Help plan SMC in 2016.